"PROUD 2 B DIFFERENT" @ 9PM PST With Host Maxxwell
A potpourri of subjects to be discussed from a 40-something Gay males perspective. Topics can range from pop culture, men, woman, money, social structure, video games, movies, art, geekery, cars, sports, life style media, recovery, politics, television programs, and spirituality. Also what ever else happens to fall out of my head.

With special suprise guests and audience Q & A.

A show for the masses that will stimulate and hopefully leave you feeling better about yourself.
Thank you all and lets have FUN!!!

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This 1949 Cadillac has an awesomely shiny $382.95 paint job. That is, it’s been covered in exactly 38, 295 pennies. Affectionately called “Penny,” she was customized by and belongs to the Thompson family. The pennies were affixed to car one at a time using silicone glue over a 6 week period during the summer of 1999. Altogether they add over 200 lbs to the vehicle’s weight. All but four of the pennies were attached head side up. They’re all American pennies and include one 1817 Large Cent coin, 2 error pennies and 4 1943 steel pennies.

We love that the Thompsons display their Penny Caddy with a sign that reads “Please Touch the Car!” We’d certainly want to.

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[via Twisted Sifter and Rodz Back Alley]